During my university years I developed a deep appreciation for yoga’s grounding nature and how it supported me through life’s challenges. I traveled to the Peruvian Sacred Valley to continue growing my knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and meditation while living in harmony with nature. Bringing this knowledge back to my community who lived a chaotic city lifestyle, required modifications and adaptations. I’ve made it my mission to help my community integrate mindfulness and bliss into their busy lives through realistic and personalized practices.

As a teacher by trade, I understand the need for a solid support system to confidently take the risks and make the changes that are required to design a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle. I bring a transparent and inclusive spirit to my work while spreading my enthusiasm for holistic wellness and down to earth goodness!


As a full time university student, working three jobs, volunteering weekly, and trying to keep up with a social life, I had no idea how disconnected I was from my body. I started to gain weight from sugared up coffees, spending loads of money covering up my severe acne and ignoring my emotional break-downs. My multi-tasking skills were glorified by my peers and I was often asked “how do you do it?”, I just did. I accepted the “busy girl” title, let my agenda rule my life and never. said. no.


My energy was spread so thin amongst my commitments and pleasing others that I ignored all my body’s warnings. After a series of emotional events I knew something had to change. I realized that if I continued living this way I was going to hit rock bottom and I didn’t want to get there. After making several pivoting decisions, I realized I needed to find a way to deal with daily stresses and anxieties as well as prevent it from taking over my life.


My first step to regaining control of my life was by my mom’s suggestion to register to a local yoga studio. I quickly became addicted to the physical fitness release it gave me and I started to feel less pain in my lower back, a chronic pain I deemed unfixable.


The more I became aware of my body, the more I realized how my mind set had been stuck in a negative and judgmental space for a long time and I was the one holding it there. At this point I needed a bigger change. I decided to surrender to my restricting life schedule and escape! Against my family’s wishes and without knowing where the money would come from, I froze my university program, packed my bags and left to South America! 

My solo traveling experiences put me back in priority of my own life and I followed wherever my instincts took me. I enrolled myself in a Yoga Teachers Training program in the Sacred Valley of Peru where I studied and lived the most simplistic lifestyle I’ve ever known. I developed a deep appreciation of yoga’s challenging yet present nature. I had developed healthy routines, a new appreciation for nature and a harmonized self-connection. I was refocused, motivated and passionate to share my new knowledge back home.

Arriving back home to the Canadian prairies, I assumed I could continue my new yoga practices but discovered it was not as simple as I thought. Quickly a summer job had taken over my precious hours of practice and I found myself sitting in a desk behind a computer screen, the pain in my spine had resurfaced and processed foods appeared back in my diet. It was becoming all too familiar.  Once more I had to reinforce the commitment to my own wellness. 

I had to modify and adjust my mindset, routines and habits again to accommodate the realities of a modern lifestyle. I started teaching yoga classes and quickly became the go-to person for advice in wellness and stress-management amongst my friends and co-workers. Realizing the need for practical tools on these topics, I started to design workshops, offer a variety of classes and take on private clients. I thrive in being able to support others on their wellness journey taking a holistic and individual approach with each client.

I knew that I had to continue sharing these services with others which led me here to you.

B.Ed. Elementary Education, University of Regina

B.A. Major French, University of Regina

Foundations Yoga Teacher Saskatoon, SK

200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher Cusco, Peru

For the past five years I’ve been teaching a variety of yoga styles in different locations tailoring my classes to clients’ needs. I really enjoy designing classes and creating programs specifically to both group classes and private clients!

“Carolina is a wonderful instructor. She is calm, patient, and soothes the soul. She has a special way of teaching, making your practice a beautiful balance unit of exercise, and meditation. Her non-judgmental spirit gives one a feeling of comfort, and a feeling of being free.” 
— Meghan Reid, Educator, mreid.ca
I loved coming to Carolina’s classes because of the calm and refreshing environment she provided. Whether you were a seasoned yogi or a first-timer, she always found ways to make you feel welcome, comfortable and powerful. What is unique about Carolina’s approach is her willingness to share her own experience in growing in her yoga and meditation practice. It helps everyone to show that there is always room for growth and that nobody is perfect – willingness to try is always the first step. I would definitely recommend Carolina’s classes if you are looking to expand your knowledge on Yoga and general wellness with the added bonus of gaining physical strength at the same time! Thanks Carolina!
— Danielle, Professional Dancer
I absolutely love practicing yoga with Carolina. I have tried a lot of different yoga classes over time (and while they all have brought me some joy and benefit), Carolina’s classes are sure to leave you empowered, centered, energized, and calm. Carolina has a background in education and it shows. It shows in her curriculum and her ability to lead a class. She can also tailor a class to anyone’s individual needs - so don’t be afraid to try something new. Furthermore, Carolina can make you feel like you are getting private guidance within a group class. This helps you focus on your own personal practice while benefitting from the energy of the group. I highly recommend and encourage anyone to spend some time with Carolina - it doesn’t matter if you are new to yoga or highly experienced....you will undoubtedly benefit.
— Dr. E.M.J., Family Doctor
Carolina introduced me to yoga when I had no experience. She taught me the basics, and then pushed me to dig deeper. She is supportive and adapts to everyone’s needs. The passion she brought to every class has instilled a lifelong passion in me for yoga, and holistic health in general. I have yet to meet another instructor quite like her.
— Tiffany Cassidy, Communications Manager