Garbage or gold? You choose.

Hey doll, are you consuming garbage or gold?

We are constantly exchanging energies around us, and let me tell you, working in a school of 800 + students, there are a lot of energies that go around!


…did I ever mention I’m a grade 1 teacher during the day and a yogi at night?


That aside, we all interact with energies in all forms, whether it’s from people, social media, T.V., etc. Depending on our current mood at the given moment, the energy we are receiving falls on an internal scale that will read it as either positive or negative information.


Think of it like this: just like you might snack on junk foods, the mind can do the same, it can consume what I like to call “mental junkfood”, whether we know it or not. These are negative energies that we pick up throughout the day such as a grumpy coworker, tragic news in the media, self-esteem crushing images, etc. That’s the garbage.


Then we have the gold. I’m pretty sure we all know those golden moments of full bliss, knowing you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, staying present, the emotions of love, serving others, accomplishment, the list goes on.


Individually, our mind’s will deem where that energy will fall on that internal scale. And it happens constantly all day long.


The gold is definitely worth savouring in the moment and then storing it as a great memory to share later on.


So how do we try to filter out the garbage? How can we handle them so we’re not drained at the end of the day?


The first step is awareness. We need to be aware that this is happening when we feel those moments of that sudden shift in energy or mood.


Next is letting it past by us, acknowledging how the energy is sitting within us, where it might fall on the scale.


Then it is to let it go. Doing our best to not let it cling to us by shifting into a more positive headspace as to remind ourselves there is more positive in this world than negative.


And sometime we just need to do an emotional detox at the end of the day to let the good stuff soak in and let that garbage go.


There is a term in yoga, from the Patinjali Sutras, Viveka meaning the discrimination or differentiation of knowledge. 


I like to think of it as our internal filtration system of the garbage or the gold.


Here are a few tips on a daily mental detox that you can do at the end the day.


  • Legs up the wall: blood recirculating back to the brain to relax it and bring your mind back to a balanced state


  • Movement, of any kind, creates space in your body and it will release the negative toxins. This is when I might roll out my yoga mat or go for a speed walk/jog to get myself back in a positive headspace


  • Journal out your positive impact in the world of the day. Start your sentence with: I made an positive impact when… or count your blessings with: I am abundant because…


  • Cuddle up with your favourite tea, your fur baby, maybe your significant other and just remember the world is a good place for those simple moments


  • Salt. It has powerful properties that can balance blood sugar levels and internally hydrate our body. This might be running a salt bath, getting a great sweat on as your body releases salt or maybe just a good cry. Salt is in all of these forms and it is rejuvenating and guaranteed to help you make that inner energy shift


So my dear, the next time that you’re not sure how to filter out the garage your taking in, check in with one of these tips and you’ll turn that garbage into gold!