Morning Energy Coconut Balls

Ever since I was young, my mother always made breakfast a definite priority and yes somehow years later, it can be one of the meals that easily slips and get substituted by a quick coffee. Well, I'm determined to keep the power of breakfast going in my morning routine. Of course the trick is just simplifying it along the way.... especially during report card season!

I created a recipe for energy balls: a quick morning snack! I usually eat when my students do so it's a perfect quick one before another question comes up! PLUS, it's NUT-FREE! Woot woot! 

Mix up all of these ingredients in this order and roll them in little balls about 1/2 size of a pingpong ball! I will warn you, I rarely stick to a recipe so I encourage you to see these as suggested portions and just get creative! 

Et voilà!