LIA project

It's been awhile friends, but I'm always up to something... so I'm finally ready to share what that is!

I've been creating a website/concept...basically a whole vision board for this project and have been taking my time doing it as it sits close to my heart!

I formally welcome you to the LIA project!

Lia project_v1-01.jpeg

This idea bloomed, name and everything, from a late night journaling session. I believe it was almost 2 years ago and I was frustrated with how overwhelmed and out of alignment  all while fighting a constant cold. 


My "day-time" life, as so many others',  is usually a huge combination of fun, high demands, little eating, shallow breathing, laughter, emotional exhaustion, on and on... the rollercoaster of working in a yang energy setting.


Yang energy: energetic, masculine energy, assertive, light, sun, external, dynamic, warming


In the evenings, I come home depleted and running on fumes... no thanks.


I'm going to assume if you've made it this far reading, you know exactly what I mean.


What I've been realizing through yoga, meditation & journaling is that I've been craving for a balance of energy, but that will only come once I balance the yang energy in my day with yin energy.


Yin energy: receptive, feminine energy, creative, reflective, chill, still, moon, intuitive.


Both energies have their place in during the day and even in our natural cycles.  


This is the alignment that I've been working on creating in my life this past year. This is what's I've been thriving in. And it's time to share the "how".



I believe taking care of one's self means honouring what is needed, moment by moment. 

Practicing that alignment of yin and yang energies is one of the most effective ways I've been able to do this.


The yang in my day has clearly been taken care of through my style of career.


So now, it's up to me to weave the yin energy in my day, lifestyle, relationships, perspective, nourishment... all the ways!


The three ways has really taken time to figure out what that yin energy looks like in my life.


Cue the LIA project:





I decided this was a time-limit-less project that I created for myself, more of a promise to prioritize myself knowing that it will benefit me and those around me for the best.


My dear friend Lindsey (@_dimond.dreams_) has decided to jump on this adventure with me and gathering other like-minded women along the way!


We know so well how to take care of ourselves in the yang ways and there are an abundance of beautiful resources already out there. But as I continued to research on where women can find practical “how-to” of cultivating yin energy into their routines, I was left with a short list.



The LIA project is the platform to support your practice of bringing yin energy into your day, encouraging energy improvement, sense of balance and overall alignment of your purpose.



Feel free to share this with other women in your circles that you think could you a dose of these yin vibes.


I will still occasionally post things here when I really need to geek over some amazing mindfulness education or yoga pose which I’ll keep going on here on the blog and @yogawithcarolina


For the most part, I plan to give, support and create over at the @liaproject and


Thanks for all of your loving support, yes I mean you, it mean so much to me.

Love & Light,