Mindfulness + Education =.... (*discount alert*)

So I'm absolutely over the moon about the Manitoba company & program called Educalme! If you follow my instagram @yogawithcarolina you will know how much I support them!

However, I control myself here from going on and on about this amazing program at the moment, but you can be assured I'll have many more things to say as I'm using the full year of Educalme Classroom program in my grade 1 French Immersion classroom this year!

Educalme has multiple programs that equip educators and families with mindfulness tools for elementary to high school aged kids... and did I mention their programs are both in French & English?! What I wanted to share is that this past June I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed for their podcast! I was thrilled to share my personal and a few professional strategies of using mindfulness in my life to keep myself balanced as a teacher!

Check out the Educalme programs here and if you’re interested in purchasing one, use the code: YOGAWITHCAROLINA for 10% off!

Click below for the podcast episode:

Enjoy friends!