My top essential oils for emotional balance and meditation

Have you ever experienced a rush of memories or a sense of calm after smelling something particular? When we smell something our olfactory system triggers brain and has a direct impact on our emotional state.

Knowledge is power of course... by knowing how our own brain is affected by smell we can use essential oils as a tool to guide our emotions into positive and relaxing state.

But first, let me get nerdy about this…

Our limbic system located in the centre of our brain is made up of several crucial sense triggering parts of the brain including the amygdala (where our flight or fight response happens) and our hippocampus (our memory storage). These parts of the brain are responsible for controlling our daily and emotional functions.

So when we take in the smell of an essential oil (a highly concentrated version of the plant), the smell directly goes to our limbic system and affects the state of our amygdala and hippocampus amongst other areas which impacts our nervous system.

All of this science blab to simply introduce you to my favourite essential oils that immediately relax my nervous system and help me get into a meditative state. 



This oil has earthy tones and an almost balsamic aroma which brings me right into the present moment.

Nothern Lights Black.jpg

Northern Lights Black Spruce

This pine-like aroma takes me right back to my days camping and the peace of the forest.



This oil has a forest like calming aroma that blends so well with any other oil I might be wearing or diffusing.

Ways I enjoy using oils to help

with emotional balancing or during meditation are:

  1. Opening the cap of the oil and slowly inhaling it

  2. Wearing it on an aroma bracelet so I’m surrounded by the smell

  3. Diffusing the oil so it is dispersed in the air of my environment

  4. Putting a drop or 2 on my yoga mat before my practice

I’d love to know what your favourite oils are that bring you into a state of balance, comment below!

*Government of Canada has passed this essential oil as an authorized safe and effective Natural Health product.