Goal big or go home: Goal crushing that works

Remember back in middle years when your teacher covered goal setting and it really was about predicting your next math mark or making it on the track team. I’m sure it was taught with good intention, don’t get me wrong I’m an elementary teacher by trade, but that system never seemed to work for me. Goal setting transformed into to-do lists filled with unreachable and totally impractical tasks.

Ps. If you’re feeling like your to-do lists are out of control definitely check out my first blog to get back on track!

Those goals can start to become huge stresses as they sit in the back of your mind and eat away at your self-confidence because they’re not getting done and life ain’t waiting.

Goal setting came back into my life fast and hard when I realized that my decision making was heavy relying on what my parents, professors and mentors had put in place and I would blindly just chase the dangling carrot. Since then I’ve had a big wake up call to what goals mean and what they are truly meant to do: ultimately, they’re associated with reaching happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

I’ll let you in on my discovery:

DREAM BIG. There is a reason we dream, aspire and drool over ideas! There is no shame in scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and day dreaming, but write those dreams down! The ones that make it on the page are the ones worth pursuing because there is a reason you’re writing them down! I suggest keeping a notebook strictly for dreams, ideas and brainstorming moments so you can keep them safe with no judgement on whether or not they’ll happen, they are there to inspire you and keep you moving forwards towards them!

BREAK IT DOWN: Setting weekly, monthly and maybe yearly goals will help take those big dreams into realistic steps. Easier said than done, I know. Start with thinking of 3-5 different ways that the dream could become a reality. Those are your goals. Your goals are to get those 3-5 things accomplished. Then…

MICRO-GOALS:  Break it down even further! We’re talking right down to real life actions that are simple and totally doable! Take just one of those goals and put it through this 5 step process to break it right now into an action plan!

1.    What do you want? Be very specific.

2.    Is this achievable to do in my life right now? (Yes, why? No, why not?)

3.    What specific actions are you going to do to obtain your goal? (Make a list of about 5-10 steps)

4.    When and where will these steps happen (get nice and detailed about it)

5.    Now, on a scale from 1 – 10, how confident are you with your plan?

If you scored over 7 on the confidence sale, then you’re ready to start! If you scored lower then take a look at your answers and ask yourself why? Maybe the goal is too big and your need to break it down into even smaller steps.

MOTIVATION: The number one reason I’ve seen and experienced myself failing any goals is lack of motivation and accountability!! When you have an another person supporting and cheering for you along the way it is SO much easier to crush those goals!

“A desire presupposes the possibility of action to achieve it; action presupposes a goal that is worth achieving. – Ayn Rand.

YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL GOALS, DREAMS AND VISIONS, don’t let those just stay as dreams and let them drift away, move on to someone else or stay as dreams. 

Your dreams and life goals have a reason for existing and YOU are the only person that can make them real. The stress of accomplishing them while trying to find life balance is a lot of work and you aren’t meant to deal with all of this by yourself. Support and accountability are key! Maybe you don't know where to start. That's where I come in. I work with people just like you…

I support women who are over their heads in stress and who are feeling unbalanced rather than feeling confident, healthy and empowered to take on the world!  

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