No mud, no lotus: You get what you’re giving

“Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower of happiness grow. There can be no lotus flower without the mud.” — THICH NHAT HANH”

What do you want to experience in 2017? Love? Success? Connection? Travel?

What you’re putting out there is what you’re going to get back. So... what ARE you putting out there? What vibes are you giving? What people are you having conversations with?

You might be thinking: I don’t even know what I’m going to eat for lunch today let alone know what I want this year!? Trust me, I hear ya!

It’s a daunting questions for sure. And it’s not supposed to be easy, that’s where that suffering word comes in. Get your hands dirty in the mud and that lotus will start to grow.

Keep reading and we’ll walk through this together.

Let’s look at the big questions again:

What do you want to experience in 2017? You can substitute the word experience with perhaps feel, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, create? Choose whatever makes the most sense to you.

I invite you to write down 5 things you want feel/experience/create this year:

And just because you are such a beautiful person and you are obviously reading this for a reason, I made you a little worksheet PDF you can print out or do on your computer. The key is having it somewhere you can reference often to keep your intention in your subconscious all year!

So click and download it from below and follow along with me!

Start with the question: What do you want to experience/feel/create in 2017?

Now, how will you put those feelings/experiences/creations into the world first? That is the key. You need to be willing to unconditionally take the first few steps forward and show up with it.

Write what you want on the line in the 5 green boxes. Take a few minutes, maybe have a sip of tea (or wine…), write some more. Now if you're getting caught up on the word "want", because it may sound all selfish and such, I'm letting you know it's 100% GREAT to want things for yourself, it's your life, right?! 

Now of those 5 "Wants", go through each one and add on five points on HOW you’re going to show up for what you want. HOW are you going to get them? In what ways are you going to show up and give them to the world?

Remember, you need to give and show up with what you want before you’re going to get it back. Write down the first ideas that come into you head!

This is when I’m going hard ass: I’m here to tell you to get over yourself and let go of the self-judging chatter arising "Are my points too materialistic? Unrealistic? Above price point? Dreaming too big? Impossible?"

Write those ideas down! Even the ones that may scare you! If you have already judged your ideas as impossible, you’ve lost the battle and you’re going to mindlessly wander through another year without intention.  

Girl, we do NOT have time to dwell on the negative. Take a deep breath. We’re moving on…right now!

Now here is the best part, with those 5 feeling/experiences you stated you need to give yourself permission to have them! This is the kicker! We can dream up all of these fantastic ideas, but if we don’t feel deserving of them then how are we supposed to experience them?

Write on the second page what you want and you know you are deserving of! This is essentially writing down the "Wants" you stated in each green box and writing them in full sentences! 

You need to open yourself up to the fact that you are capable of these experiences this year and you will show up with them first and trust the universe/God/fate, whatever you believe will bring them back to in 10 fold. So state it now:

I give myself permission to feel/experience/create....

Now take your top two points in each green box and go get your agenda/calendar/journal and write down when and how these are going to happen!


Damn right!

So why all of this wanting, hows, self-permission-giving, etc...? Because you are deserving of a year of opportunity and growth.

See it as a new year's resolution, see it as a self-development exercise, see it how every you like, just know this world needs your gifts. Have the courage to get your hands dirty and go play in the mud and grow your lotus!

Because if not now, when?  

Good things.png

Bonus personal example:

I want to feel in control and confident of my finances

How will I do this first?

1.     Download the app & Check-in with my expenses regularly

2.     Budget in savings every month

3.     Give banking accounts purpose (ex. emergency funds, retirement, future house, etc)

4.     Read a self-development finance book

5.     Gratitude journal (maybe buy a new journal?)

I’m going to combine and focus on  #1 and #2 and #5 and write down/plan out in my agenda when and how they are going to happen:

Tip: The key is to make full sentences in the present tense because these points are already happening!

I now have the mint app on my phone link and I will check the app at least once a week on my weekly expenses. Specifically, at 4pm Friday when I get home from work. (written in agenda & alarm on phone). I’ve named each of my accounts with a goal/title so I know what I’m working towards with my money.

And the grand finale:

I give myself permission to feel in control and confident of my finances!