Congratulations for finishing this three week class!

You've been committed  to this practice for the past three weeks, now it's time to make a commitment to your next 6 weeks ahead!

You now have the beginnings of your growing meditation tool kit: mindfulness meditation techniques & breathing techniques. All of these techniques and skills in your back pocket will come in handy to keep yourself cool & calm. 

But as anything, it's all easier said than done... which is I would love to help you continue this mindfulness practice at whatever pace you're comfortable with!

I'm inviting you to jump on the phone, skype call or Facetime audio to connect one-on-one with you to know what direction I can guide you towards keeping these practice a reality for your lifestyle. This 25 minute chat is to support your questions or inquires of grow your mindfulness practice.

If you'd like to book a time with me, my availability is below! Our schedule's don't seem to jive, shoot me a quick email, and we will be able to work something out!

I look forward to talking with you!