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Click here to download your Weekly Intention Worksheet



Three suggested ways to work on it:

  1. When you open the link, click the top right arrow pointing down arrow to download it as a PDF. Print it out, fill it in and keep it somewhere you can be reminded of your weekly intention.

  2. When you download the PDF you can click the text boxes on it and type directly onto the page. Save it in a separate fill folder sacred just for your Intention worksheets.

  3. In you're own journal, write down the questions and fill it in directly into your personal journal.

Meditation 1 recap:

  • Imagining that you're an audience member at a theatre production and you are watching your thoughts as you would watch the play. Trying to witness the thoughts go by rather than getting involved with them and pulled into the story line.
  • Thoughts are coming in through the mind as clouds, allowing the clouds to pass through without judgement.
  • Regardless of how or what thoughts  present in your mind, practice staying with your breath without categorizing the thoughts.

Meditation 2 Recap:

  • Our thoughts are directly related to our emotions, so it is completely normal for you to experience various thoughts or memories. If these at any point become uncomfortable, come back to the breath and centre yourself in self-compassion towards the practice.  
  • Through the inhale and exhale notice your thoughts waving in and out, evolving and forming from one into the next.
  •  Trust that those small "to-do" list thoughts will come back at a better time so you can continue focusing on the present moment of your practice. *OR have a journal or paper were you can quickly list down what you need to not forget it after!

If you'd like to use the background music that I use during your personal meditation time, here it is! There is no voice guiding you... it's just you and your beautiful self. 

Q & A

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